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Showroom: 704-710 Ingham Road, Townsville
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When your company is expanding and you need to add to the fleet of forklifts have you ever considered buying a quality used forklifts product? When your forklift proves to be unreliable and you are looking at a replacement maybe consider buying a used forklifts option instead? If you have never bought used forklifts before did you know that all of the used forklifts we sell have undergone extensive checks and servicing and usually we know the used forklifts because it is one of the fleet of thousands of used forklifts we service for our clientele?

At Forklift it the solution and option to used forklifts couldn't be easier. We always have a range of quality used forklifts in stock and we are sometimes having used forklifts that are potentially very new when we purchase them from liquidation auctions. We then thoroughly check all of our used forklifts and make sure it stacks up to our extensive checks before listing it alongside our other used forklifts - for sale to a good home.

We can arrange delivery of used forklifts to anywhere in Australia and along with the possibility of an included used forklifts warranty we can also package into the sale a maintenance and servicing schedule to ensure the used forklifts you buy from us continue to always work in prime order.

As we are a niche used forklifts business we pick only the best quality products to stock and sell from our warehouses and we stock used forklifts of varying ages with the underlying factor of being quality, a used forklifts product that will provide your company with less downtime and trouble free operation for the coming hours of operation.

When buying used forklifts over the internet you have to be careful. Some people and even businesses selling used forklifts are not qualified forklift maintenance, service, repair or even sales personnel. This means you might be buying used forklifts from an disreputable source and with used forklifts still fetching a commanding price, especially when properly serviced and maintained, it is imperative not to fall into the pitfall of potentially wasting money on used forklifts that aren't above board.

That is why you will benefit by making a buying decision from one of our used forklifts. They have been thoroughly checked by our servicing department and we will only stake our company name and reputation on a quality used forklifts sale item. If we sold used forklifts of inferior quality we would soon ruin the good name we have built up over the last 20 years and the other facets of our business would suffer. When buying one of our used forklifts you are buying a product of utmost quality and something that will provide your business with reliable service for the future. We can make this claim because, unlike other businesses and auction houses on the internet who don't specialise in everything forklift related we do and the testament to this is in the choosing and stocking of all of our used forklifts.

We understand that those who buy on price will usually buy twice. While we strive to work in with all of our used forklifts customers budgets we will refuse to sell something taht we know won't last and will cause problems for the owner. We have a reputation we need to uphold when selling used forklifts and while you can find some very undesirable used forklifts out there it has the hindered possibility of causing many thousands of dollars worth of repair and maintenance damage down the line.

As an appreciator of a business having to work within a set budget and potentially not being able to afford to buy a quality used forklifts product that is going to be at a price that reflects quality it is our interest to ensure that your business can afford to have a quality used forklifts solution which is why we can assist with making referrals to companies who can reputable offer innovated leases and hiring options on all of our quality used forklifts.

Our range of used forklifts isn't just limited to Linde and Baoli - of whom we are authorised service agents - we also stock used forklifts from the makes such as Nissan, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hyster, Toyota and Nissan among others and we can supply small used forklifts to the biggest used forklifts to everything in between to provide our continuance of supplying our customers with a fully tailored forklift specific service.

Buy online quality used forklifts right here right now. All of our used forklifts have been industry specific tested and we ensure that every used forklifts sale is at a deserving price and covers a reliable product.

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FORKLIFT IT Townsville are a Townsville forklifts specialist. We provide our clients with Townsville forklift hire, Townsville forklift repair, Townsville forklift servicing as well as a vast selection of available Townsville forklift parts. Our forklift parts are mostly available in Townsville but we have a buying network of parts suppliers throughout the world to find the right part for you. We also have a range of quality used forklifts Townsville and also provide Townsville sweepers.

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