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Showroom: 704-710 Ingham Road, Townsville
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You too will be swept off your feet thanks to the expertise and skills of this truly independent sweepers dealer.

When selecting a quality sweepers product from these leading brands we provide from our sweepers warehouse and showroom you'll enjoy a quality machine designed to provide many years of efficiency and service.

Consider your next sweepers purchase from the fantastic Hako range of quality products:
“The revolutionary Hako will clean up all competitors”

Forklift IT will ensure the correct machine is selected at today's most cost effective price.

For the biggest range of new and used sweepers in the region contact us at

Since the beginning of the 1950’s, Hako has been associated with sweepers and scrubbers for indoor and outdoor floor cleaning. Today, Hako is one of the leading international manufacturers of superior sweepers, scrubbers, footpath and street cleaning equipment, vacuums and the like for commercial and industrial floors and applications, municipal and grounds cleaning markets.

Townships, carparks, warehouses, manufacturing, airports, office building, healthcare (hospitals, age care, etc), hospitality (hotels, motels, resorts), retail supermarkets and shopping centres, entertainment precincts and major sporting events all use our sweepers. Hako has always been in the forefront as being the choice provider of cleaning equipment and sweepers as a result of its quality of product and depth of experience and knowledge in its people.

Hako Australia supplies sweepers and is a fully owned subsidary of Hako GmbH. With sister companies in the USA, Minuteman and Powerboss, coupled with its local Australian brand of Rotobic, our complete sweepers product offering ensures there is a suitable machine for every application.

The backbone of Hako Australia is an outstanding sweepers distributor network and coverage coupled with exemplary customer service. Our staff are both highly experienced in all of our sweepers to provide specialist advice - whether it's a product enquiry, servicing issue or parts need.

Our sustainable practices start at the design stage of all our sweepers and continue through the entire life cycle of the machine. We will assist you in choosing a sweepers solution that will benefit both your company and the environment.
Here are some of the Sweepers we sell
Hamster 650 Battery or Petrol Floor Sweepers

Hako Hamster 650 - For dust-free cleaning of small and medium-sized areas with impressive sweepers attributes.

These new walk behind sweepers to the Hako range has greater sweeping performance, the highest degree of hopper filling as well as effective work and long machine life.


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FORKLIFT IT have been the leading forklift supply, service & hire business in Townsville since 2006
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No matter what forklift you require at FORKLIFT IT you can make an informed decision designed to match your individual requirements
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Choose Hako for indoor and outdoor cleaning work with a range of sweepers, vacuum-sweepers or scrubber-driers that are second to none
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At FORKLIFT IT Townsville we have available a huge selection of top quality forklifts for long or short term hire
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We have the skill and capacity to provide the same comprehensive service and parts regime covering all other brands of forklift and associated equipment
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FORKLIFT IT Townsville are a Townsville forklifts specialist. We provide our clients with Townsville forklift hire, Townsville forklift repair, Townsville forklift servicing as well as a vast selection of available Townsville forklift parts. Our forklift parts are mostly available in Townsville but we have a buying network of parts suppliers throughout the world to find the right part for you. We also have a range of quality used forklifts Townsville and also provide Townsville sweepers.

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