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Forklift servicing needs to be performed by a skilled mechanical engineer who really knows what they are doing because poor quality workmanship when it comes to forklift servicing can lead to countless problematic experiences in the short term and catastrophic failures in the long term. When you are contemplating who to use to fulfil this very important task you can rely on the proven and reliable forklift servicing track record of forklift IT - Australia's leading forklift servicing technicians.

Our forklift servicing is set to the manufacturer's servicing schedule and, in some cases, goes above and beyond these prerequisites in areas we deem necessary due to experiencing problematic concerns from high margin forklift servicing scheduling set mistakenly by the manufacturer. Because we have been working professionally in the field of forklift servicing for many years we understand the equipment we service inside and out. It may even be safe to say that we have more experiencing in forklift servicing than any other similar company in Australia. We have reached set goals in our business model and now provide forklift servicing throughout Australia with on site pickup and delivery as well as loan forklift options.

While we are the recognised and factory authorised forklift servicing centre for Linde and Baoli forklifts we also have vast experience with other forklift brands such as Crown, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Hyster, Komatsu and Nissan. We know these machines and their potential problems inside out and because of this attainment of service level we can provide you, our customer with a quick turnaround of your forklift servicing.

We work with large fleets of forklifts as well as providing scheduled forklift servicing for smaller companies with less machinery requiring service. We have experience forklift servicing equipment ranging from the very small lifting capacity to the bug 7,8 and 9-10 tonne forklifts. We use our experience as a way of providing adaptability to our clients when it comes to their forklift servicing requirements and no job is too big or small.

With our professional maintenance contracts and forklift servicing schedule contracts in place we can provide your business with a turnkey 'one stop shop' regime of reliability and encyclopaedic knowledge of the equipment you have that we are maintaining under our forklift servicing guidelines.

By working with us you are assured of receiving a courteous and professional approach to all communication, a fast turnaround, a forklift servicing program that suits your needs and special requirements along with a level of customer service that will keep you impressed with the level of attention to detail and thoroughness that we can provide.

We can provide forklift servicing for LPG gas forklifts, electric forklifts and other internal combustion engine equipment such as diesel and petrol powered forklifts. Our adaptability and commitment to our trade means you will be able to feel comfortable relying wholly on our company to work with you in producing expedient results in the field of regular forklift servicing.

You are invited to contact us and speak with one of our customer service representatives with concern to providing your company with a viable forklift servicing option package. We can step you through our recommended level of forklift servicing with optional extras that you can minimise or maximise dependent on budget. We can also tailor forklift servicing packages to spread the expense over time and make a regular payment schedule to best work with your company and your requirements.

At the end of the day by choosing us to handle this very important facet of your business flow you will be able to rest assured that not only will the area of forklift servicing be carried out promptly and effectively but we will also be on call to provide support and service quickly when you embrace us as your preferred forklift servicing agent in Australia as so many other companies have already done.

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FORKLIFT IT have been the leading forklift supply, service & hire business in Townsville since 2006
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No matter what forklift you require at FORKLIFT IT you can make an informed decision designed to match your individual requirements
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Choose Hako for indoor and outdoor cleaning work with a range of sweepers, vacuum-sweepers or scrubber-driers that are second to none
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At FORKLIFT IT Townsville we have available a huge selection of top quality forklifts for long or short term hire
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We have the skill and capacity to provide the same comprehensive service and parts regime covering all other brands of forklift and associated equipment
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FORKLIFT IT Townsville are a Townsville forklifts specialist. We provide our clients with Townsville forklift hire, Townsville forklift repair, Townsville forklift servicing as well as a vast selection of available Townsville forklift parts. Our forklift parts are mostly available in Townsville but we have a buying network of parts suppliers throughout the world to find the right part for you. We also have a range of quality used forklifts Townsville and also provide Townsville sweepers.

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