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Forklift Repair

When your business relies on equipment to keep the work flowing and the cash flowing it is understood that if and inevitably when equipment fails it can be a costly process and this is even more important when it comes to your lifting solutions and the ever increasing demand on finding suitable, professional and quick turnaround forklift repair. The team at Forklift Repair Specialists Australia are here to help you get the repair work done to your forklift as quickly as possible on time and on budget.

We need to get your forklift repair done quickly because we understand the dependence your operation has on the forklift repair taking place in an expedient manner. We don't mess around with looking for the cheapest aftermarket parts or waiting on deliveries from overseas to save a few bucks here and there when undergoing a forklift repair project - The forklift repair needs to be done as quickly as possible, money is being lost while the forklift repair is in process.

Because we have been in the forklift repair specialist industry and are one of the leading forklift repair centres throughout Australia we understand these needs that your business has. We have tailor made some special forklift repair options and packages exclusively for our clients where we can carry out the forklift repair while supplying your business with a rental or hire solution to fill the gap of hours while the forklift repair process is undergone.

As an authorised agent for Baoli and Linde forklifts we are the approved forklift repair outlet for these models but we also provide forklift repair to other makes and models of all ages. Our forklift repair services can be customised to servicing and insurance work as well and we can provide forklift repair work to Crown, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Komatsu, Hyster, Komatsu, Caterpillar and Toyota forklifts - Our forklift repair services are second to none and it is an Australia wide service that we provide with regular forklift repair deliveries made to major cities and towns as well as remote areas.

As a forklift repair professional we have the added advantage of being able to save you time and money on diagnosis of problems. In our experience we have worked on nearly all forklift repair projects that you can imagine and we have already spent the time seeking manufacturer support, handbook support, TSB bulletin support and so on. This means we have one of the fastest forklift repair diagnosis records in the country.

As we are a full service forklift repair company we also ensure we carry a range of stock required for the most common problems we are presented with when it comes to our forklift repair services. We can identify problems quickly as stated earlier but we can also the value add to this service by having the ability to take required genuine quality forklift repair parts straight off the shelf and usually not have to wait for parts consignments to arrive to complete the forklift repair.

This whole service procedure gets your equipment back in your warehouse or workshop more quickly and with our commitment to developing a strong working relationship with all our clients, whether forklift repair oriented or otherwise, to make certain that when your business next needs to draw on the services of a forklift repair professional you remember our Australian business due to your pleasant experiences working with us previously.

Such is our service levels when it comes to forklift repair that much of our work in this field is referral based meaning we work a lot on word of mouth. Knowing this means we are even more committed to providing only the most solid and professional forklift repair services whether big job or small.

When you are experiencing our forklift repair services be sure to talk to our staff about the possibility of a service agreement for your lifting equipment. By adopting these services you can rest assured that potential future problems requiring forklift repair are eliminated with proactive diagnosis and streamlined evidence based rectification.

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FORKLIFT IT have been the leading forklift supply, service & hire business in Townsville since 2006
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No matter what forklift you require at FORKLIFT IT you can make an informed decision designed to match your individual requirements
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Choose Hako for indoor and outdoor cleaning work with a range of sweepers, vacuum-sweepers or scrubber-driers that are second to none
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At FORKLIFT IT Townsville we have available a huge selection of top quality forklifts for long or short term hire
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We have the skill and capacity to provide the same comprehensive service and parts regime covering all other brands of forklift and associated equipment
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FORKLIFT IT Townsville are a Townsville forklifts specialist. We provide our clients with Townsville forklift hire, Townsville forklift repair, Townsville forklift servicing as well as a vast selection of available Townsville forklift parts. Our forklift parts are mostly available in Townsville but we have a buying network of parts suppliers throughout the world to find the right part for you. We also have a range of quality used forklifts Townsville and also provide Townsville sweepers.

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