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Showroom: 704-710 Ingham Road, Townsville
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Providing sales & service for all forklifts, sweepers & associated supporting products - Townsville forklift repair
We specialise in new and used forklift and sweeper sales

FORKLIFT IT, established 2006, is a Cairns & Townsville name synonymous with quality equipment and no nonsense, independent advice for your next purchase of a forklift or sweeper. Being independent, our team will carefully consider all your needs and submit a recommendation as to which forklift or sweeper will match perfectly to your own individual requirements. You'll enjoy a machine that will do the job you require and do it well.

Further benefits will come when you appreciate a forklift or sweeper which has been carefully chosen by us as the best machine and not necessarily the manufacturer's salesperson’s choice of what very well may be an unsuitable choice.

At FORKLIFT IT we are proud to supply Yale - the world’s most respected forklift brand

Yale is one of the oldest, original manufacturers of lift trucks and warehouse equipment in the world, having been in the business of lifting for over 137 years! FORKLIFT IT and Yale are helping customers solve materials handling challenges, and it’s our goal – every day – to continue improving, providing you with the solutions you need, how and when you need them.

On any construction site or farm location in North Queensland the use of an all-terrain forklift is necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently - View our All Terrain Forklifts website here

Townsville’s All-Terrain Forklift Hire & Sales have literally raised the bar and offer the world famous Dieci range.

From 2.5 tonne to the massive 21 tonne and in 2WD and 4WD variants that are suitable for any commercial or agricultural applications. We are providing the ideal solution for those difficult jobs where the traditional forklift simply doesn’t work.

Hako has over 70 years of experience & innovation backing their products

The vision of Hako was, and always has been, to find new ways of designing and building better, more innovative and more efficient machines.

After almost 70 years in manufacturing Hako have become a leader in the commercial and municipal cleaning industry and have received numerous awards for sustainability, innovation and smart design.

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FORKLIFT IT have been the leading forklift supply, service & hire business in Townsville since 2006
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No matter what forklift you require at FORKLIFT IT you can make an informed decision designed to match your individual requirements
townsville forklift repair
Choose Hako for indoor and outdoor cleaning work with a range of sweepers, vacuum-sweepers or scrubber-driers that are second to none
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At FORKLIFT IT Townsville we have available a huge selection of top quality forklifts for long or short term hire
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All Terrain Forklifts
Check out our All Terrain Forklifts site to examine our fantastic range of rugged, off road forklifts and tele-handlers
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FORKLIFT IT Townsville are a Townsville forklifts specialist. We provide our clients with Townsville forklift hire, Townsville forklift repair, Townsville forklift servicing as well as a vast selection of available Townsville forklift parts. Our forklift parts are mostly available in Townsville but we have a buying network of parts suppliers throughout the world to find the right part for you. We also have a range of quality used forklifts Townsville and also provide Townsville sweepers.

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